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Volume 30, No. 49 February 3-9, 2005
Frontpage kicker for 2005/02/03
Cover Story

Not For Profit

Bruce Willey

Santa Cruz County is full of non-profits, but admittedly, many of them are hungry. It’s not a new story—nonprofits in need of funding—but for an entire year, GT partners up with the Community Foundation to present a series of in-depth articles focusing on local nonprofits. It begins with this issue.

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Frontpage kicker for 2005/02/03

Coastal Concerns

Hunter Holcombe

The proposed hotel and conference center got the go-ahead. But that’s not the final say. Next stop: the California Coastal Commission. Get the latest scoop on the hottest topic around town.

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Frontpage kicker for 2005/02/03
A & E

Some Things Are Free

Christa Martin

Although any pirate radio station doesn’t have a huge satellite or antenna (like the one pictured here), they still send out a big message. Their signal might be weak but their fight for indie media is strong. Free Radio Felton is making plans to hit the air waves. Tune in.

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Editors Note

One of this week’s letters about the phenomenon known as “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”—in which all actors can be linked to the star via six other actors—can actually be applied to the topic of this week’s cover story on nonprofits, penned by News Editor Bruce Willey (page 10). Think about it: many of us who live here make a connection to a nonprofit in one way or another, whether it be through the services a particular non-profit group offers, the volunteer work we may engage in, or the contributions we may make at any given time throughout the year. Attend something as vast and dynamic as First Night Santa Cruz and you’ll see a nonprofit’s grand effect on an entire community. Enter a state park in the area, and, you may not know it, but you would be benefiting from a nonprofit at work. Experience something like Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre and you may be amazed at the culturally rich treasures a non-profit group is capable of offering you. Big Brothers Big Sisters—nonprofit. WomenCare—nonprofit. The Alzheimer’s Association of Santa Cruz County—nonprofit. The list goes on. And the services these nonprofits offer are often the vital thread that links one group of people to another. Regardless, it’s often the thread the community cannot live without. Especially now, when funding for nonprofits have been in decline. This issue marks the beginning of a yearlong journey GT will take in exploring nonprofits in Santa Cruz County. Every month, we will spotlight a nonprofit in the area, offer insights to its innerworkings and services, and provide information on how locals can volunteer or make a contribution. Take time this week to dive into our cover story: read the letter from GT Publisher Ron Slack and take note of the first nonprofit we spotlight on page 17. Thanks for reading. Have a spectacular seven days. Next week: love, relationships and a Valentine’s Day column you won’t want to miss. More soon... Greg Archer, Editor